Short Term Accommodation And Assistance

Hotel Bedroom Entrance

Adonai Care provides short-term accommodation and assistance (STA) to adults with physical, intellectual, or multiple disabilities. and health needs. We offer high support care allowing family and carers to relax and take some time from their daily routine on an episodic basis, to support and maintain primary relationships. This ensures that the individual is receiving the highest level of care and their needs are met.


It is accessible for short periods of time when an NDIS Participant’s usual supports and/or accommodation cannot be accessed.
Adonai Care offers a safe and enriching environment, provides one-to-one care support with access to recreational activities of their choice.

Our short-term accommodation program is personalised; our highly experienced and trained staff are able to adapt to your support needs and will work with you to meet your goals.


Our short-term accommodation program is tailored to support adults with physical, intellectual, or multiple disabilities and health needs. Our service allows you to maintain close supportive relationships, out focus is on you, your needs, what is important to you and how we can best support you.

Our short-term accommodation program is available to provide support with unexpected challenges and changes in life. Adonai Care is able to facilitate a smooth and flexible intake process allowing us to provide support in the face of un expected changes.