Group And Centre Based Activities

Walking Group

ADONAI CARE Group and Centre Based Activities offers a range of worker facilitated and self-directed activities and programs targeted towards assisting participants to lead a full and happy life.

We provide an environment specially designed for persons living with a disability, they can come together and build their social skills, communication and take part in activities with like minds, under the supervision of experienced staff. Participants are also welcome to undertake activities independently within the space where they feel comfortable and valued within their surroundings. Our group activities allow participants to build and establish meaningful relationships with their peers; build social skills and improve confidence while learning new skills and developing existing skills.

A broad range of group-based activities and programs available to our participants: 

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Board and Electronic Games 

  • Cooking 

  • Television & Movies

  • Music 

  • Dance 

  • Sports

  • Trivia 

Our services will be provided based on our participant’s set goals.

Being flexible and able to meet participant’s individual needs is important to us so please contact us